Sector Committee elections – more youth needed!

The PSA membership is split into five sectors: district health boards, community public services (CPS), local government, the public service, and the state sector, each represented by a committee of delegates.

If you’re a delegate, you can put your hand up to represent members across your sector on a sector committee.  We’d love to see more young members stepping up to this important role!

Each sector has a different timetable for elections.  The CPS sector committee is currently looking for a number of delegates to step up. The DHB and state sector elections are coming up (so keep an eye out if you’re in those areas), the public service elections are currently taking place, and the local government elections have been completed (congratulations to active PSAY member Eleanor Haggerty-Drummond from Wellington City Council who was elected).

Email us if you think you might be interested or have a question.