Serious concerns for staff at IR

The PSA raised serious concerns for staff at Inland Revenue this month following the release of the agency’s final decision document on its proposed Business Transformation Programme.

Erin Polaczuk talks to TVNZ

Erin Polaczuk talks to TVNZ

The proposal, which includes sweeping changes to members’ roles, risks putting staff under extreme stress and could negatively affect New Zealand’s ability to pursue tax avoidance and compliance.

In a series of media interviews, PSA General Secretary Erin Polaczuk stood her ground in support of IR staff uncertain about what the changes will mean for them: “Inland Revenue staff deserve fair wages for the work they do, an opportunity to occupy roles that fit their specific expertise, and decent treatment and engagement with their employer,” Erin Polaczuk said. 

The PSA has made it clear the leadership at Inland Revenue has failed PSA members. 

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Despite working closely with IR for more than a year, the final decision document - which provides little transparency regarding possible reductions in staffing levels - indicates that organisational changes will be made from February 2018, with the rollout of Stage 2 of IR’s computer system changes beginning just 2 months later.

Erin Polaczuk says the loss of expert staff in quick succession, coupled with the lack of certainty for workers reapplying for modified roles, means important regulatory changes to the tax system rest on very shaky foundations: “PSA members at Inland Revenue have expressed concerns during consultation that the organisation’s business transformation plan will be undermined by the timing of its staffing changes, which as a result could threaten the integrity of New Zealand’s tax system.”

"This could affect up to 4000 staff in varying ways at this stage of the restructure, and this has not been fully explained. 

“Make no mistake - this proposal contains future commitments to reduce IR’s workforce by 30% by 2021, and this is the first step in accomplishing that."

The PSA will continue to work with members and delegates at IR.

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