Sleepover update

A number of sleepover settlements have been agreed and signed by both the PSA and the employer and have been with the Ministry of Health awaiting signatures from DHBs or ACC and MOH.

It has been a frustrating process pushing to get these final signatures. Once the signatures are obtained an ‘Order in Council’ is drafted and has to be checked by all parties before going to Cabinet for sign off.

The good news is that Orders in Council have now been drafted for Healthcare NZ/NZ Care, Te Roopu Taurima and PACT. These are expected to go to Cabinet on July 15 with an effective date from 19 July.

Back pay

If Cabinet passes the Orders in Council in this timeframe then back pay has to be paid to members within two months from 19 July.

In addition the following agreements are expected to have Orders in Council effective from mid-July:

  • Te Tomika Trust
  • Laura Ferguson trust (Canterbury)
  • Brakenridge Estate
  • Claddagh Haven Trust Board
  • Henderson Home Community Homes Ltd
  • Geraldine Pathways Centre trust
  • Donaldson Residential Trust
  • Te Whanau Tokotokorangi Trust
  • Toucan Taranaki
  • St Marks Society
  • Te Mana Oranga

It has been a long wait for payment of back pay and the increased sleepover rates but the PSA has been determined to make sure that members get their rightful pay.