Sleepover update

Sleepover Order In Council number 7 will go to Cabinet on 2 September, and the effective date is likely to be a few working days after that date. From the effective date, the deadline to pay out the backpay will be 2 months.

Organisations included in this Order in Council are:

  • Arataki Ministries Limited
  • Ballymena Properties
  • Braeburn House Limited
  • Central Health Limited
  • Corstorphine Baptist Community Trust
  • Framework Trust
  • Gateway Housing Trust
  • Kotuku Trust
  • St Marks Society Inc
  • Te Awhi Whanau Charitable Trust
  • Te Oranganui Iwi Health Authority
  • Te Mana Oranga Trust
  • Totara 61 Limited
  • Toucan Taranaki 2004 Limited
  • West Auckland Living Skills Trust Board (WALSH)