Stand together for conservation

Support DOC staff in Conservation Week

DOC shareableDepartment of Conservation staff go the extra mile every day to
ensure that DOC functions really well. We love our work.

However, from 4 November to 7 December, we will be ‘working to
rule’ as part of our union negotiations with DOC. We need your

What does ‘Work to Rule’ mean?

Public Service Association union members will:

• only work the hours we are paid (including only travelling in
work time)

• take the breaks we are entitled to

• not answer phones or emails outside work hours.

• except for emergency Search and Rescue, Fire or Civil Defence call outs, where life or property is at risk, or DOC members are providing essential services, staff won’t do duty hours or be on stand-by.

Basically, we will just do our jobs.

As you can imagine, we aren’t taking these steps lightly – but we do
want DOC, the State Services Commission and the government to
understand that DOC staff work hard and are entitled to fair pay.

DOC needs to show it cares

People who work for DOC care about conservation. We love our
jobs - but we’re not being paid what we are worth. Perhaps because
we care so much, we are consistently underpaid compared to
people who have similar roles in other organisations.

Now, DOC needs to show it cares.

How you can help

  • Sign the petition – let Conservation Minister Maggie Barry, State Services Minister Paula Bennett, Prime Minister John Key, and DOC Director General Lou Sanson know you care.
  • Take a selfie showing your support for DOC staff and post
    it to our page.
  • Talk to people you know and tell them why it’s important that DOC values the people who work here. Ask them to sign the petition or post a selfie to our page.