Stand Together for NZDF civilian staff

NZDF’s civilian staff are standing together for the right to bargain pay – and to get a fair deal from their employer.

defence 2

PSA Organiser Nick Kelly speaks at the Wellington Railway Station action

Civilian staff are a crucial part of the Defence Force. Security staff work to protect those in uniform while they do their jobs. Stewards and cooks provide meals – the old adage that an army marches on its stomach is still true.

Office workers provide crucial infrastructure support for all departments – like payroll, issuing ID cards and arranging passports. Meanwhile, store workers make sure rations and supplies are ready to go, and equip the Army to help out in civil defence emergencies.

Given the importance of their roles, then, the PSA believes they need to be fairly rewarded. Some of our members haven’t had a pay rise in more than 3 years, and many are paid $10,000 less than their equivalents in other workplaces. One member told us that after 20 years in the NZDF, he’s paid less than an 18-year-old private. They deserve a better working life.

defence 5PSA members and staff at Wellington Railway Station

The PSA’s bargaining team wants to bargain on pay rates – but the NZDF has flatly refused to do this.

The Employment Court's decision in the Jack's Hardware case makes it clear wages should be bargained in good faith as part of a collective employment agreement. So this is why our members are Standing Together - they want the NZDF to agree to talk.

At the action in Palmerston North, Labour’s defence spokesperson Iain Lees Galloway told our members they don’t need to face this alone. We’re asking all our members to voice their support for this action – and stand together for our members at the NZDF.

Check out Newshub’s coverage of the Palmerston North event here – and join the Stand Together Facebook page here.