Stand Together For One Public Service

Imagine a modern, vibrant, future-focused public service that delivered for all New Zealanders, every day. Imagine working in a public sector that recognised its employees' spirit of service. Imagine being part of a strong, united public service.

women msd 6Right now, there's an opportunity to make some real strides towards a better working life for our members - and stronger, more innovative services for New Zealanders. 

In the 2017 election, we campaigned for strong, well-funded public and community services, because they're what makes New Zealand a great place to live. PSA members helped to drive the conversation in their workplaces, and in their wider community.

Will you join us in Standing Together for One Public Service?

There are two discussions under way at the PSA. The first is around the reform of the State Sector Act, and the second is around a New Deal to deliver better conditions and better careers for public servants. Read more by clicking the tabs below.

The reform of the State Sector Act will involve nationwide consultation about how the public service should work, and who should be part of it. PSA members are uniquely qualified to give their perspective - they deliver public services and they also use public services. You can see the key documents here at the SSC website.

There are two ways you can get involved in this process:

Public consultation

The Government has arranged a programme of "lunch box" face-to-face meetings for public servants and members of the public in Wellington and Auckland. There will also be a programme of regional hui for Māori public servants. We'll publish details here when we know when and where they'll be.

You can also give your feedback online at the Have My Say website - and there will be Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels (details to be confirmed).

Shape the PSA's response

We've prepared an online survey for you to help shape our submission to the consultation process.

We've also set up a discussion forum for you to join in the korero - you will need to be logged into your MyPSA account to take part.

We believe public servants should be able to access a standard of terms and conditions of employment that would apply to all employees across the public service. This will promote the public service as a single entity, rather than a disparate set of departments and ministries with little in common.

It is time for a new deal for public servants. The Government has made it clear there is room for greater harmonisation, and chief executives have been told they should negotiate collective agreements on that basis. That gives us room to bargain better and more consistent terms and conditions for PSA members.

A common standard of terms and conditions will be good for public service employers, and it will lead to better and more rewarding careers for public servants :

  • More variety and better development, because skills developed in one agency can easily be transferred to and recognised at another
  • Fairer and more transparent pay systems, which will help close the gender pay gap
  • Greater collaboration and closer links between employees at different departments
  • Building a sense of pride about what it means to be a public servant and proper recognition for the spirit of service that public servants share

Get involved in the discussion

We've set up an online forum for PSA members to talk about what they'd like to see in a common standard of terms and conditions. You'll need your PSA member number to log in.

The Public Service Sector delegates conference is being held in Wellington on 27 September.

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