Stand Strong at MOJ

MOJ Organising and Bargaining 2018

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Members have voted 85% in favour of the Ministry's offer.  It is now ratified and the back-pay and lump-sum will be paid out in February.

The PSA covers most staff at the Ministry of Justice and we have members across the jurisdictions and all over the country.  We work together to improve our members' working lives. 

 If you wish to review your PDP outcome please use the templates in the box to the left.

This year important pieces of work for the PSA include:

Standing Strong in Media

Get more insight into what we're striking for and/or a recap on previous action by clicking here.

Your National Delegates

The union organises through its National Delegate Committee (see below for regions and members). If you would like to get more involved in your union's work within the Ministry, send us an email by clicking here and we will be in touch. 


(L-R) Jaqueline Maharaj, Carol Browne, Sharon Dawson, Temira Rissetto.

IMG 1613

(L-R) Julie Jopson, Leah Wills, Pam Maha (National Convenor), Rochelle Broxton.

NOTE: Jo McArthur has resigned and has been replaced by Rochelle Broxton


(L-R) Gordon Mosley, Marc Williamson (Deputy Convenor).

Central 2Paula Davis

MOJ Wellington Delegates 7

(L-R) Ulualo Mareko, Jared Doe, Fiona Small, Gavin Campbell.