Success! Massive increase in early voting

Congratulations to the many PSA Youth volunteers who have been working hard to encourage people to get out and vote.

As of today, 94,854 people had voted – almost 3x more than in the same period last election.  The campaign to encourage people to vote, and vote early, is clearly working - yeaaah! 

We’d love you to join us in helping to get out the vote!  At union offices around the country we have call centres set up each evening and on Saturdays to phone union members to ensure they have a plan to vote.  Research shows that if people are asked to pledge to vote, and then called about their voting plan, they are 15% more likely to vote.  It might sound scary, but it’s actually super easy, but don't take our word for it: 

"At first I thought no-one would be interested but it is heartening to know that everyone is getting out the vote and have been generally very positive about us calling!"  Kelly Gardiner, volunteer.

To sign up as a volunteer, and check out events in your area, go to  

You can find out what booths are open early in your electorate here.  Don’t forget to bring friends/family/colleagues with you to vote!