Taking action for equal pay

Equal pay is on the move – alongside our own Worth 100% campaign for PSA members, other groups of workers like midwives and early childhood education support workers are now demanding to be paid according to their skills, not their gender.

IMG 3402 Invoice signThe PSA is working alongside other unions and community groups as part of the wider movement for equal pay. Equal pay is one of our four strategic goals, with the PSA aiming to close the gender pay gap for our members by 2020.

To do this, we’re lobbying MPs, getting wins through collective bargaining, supporting academic research and analysis, taking legal action and, most importantly, helping to foster a culture of activism for equal pay amongst our 62,000 strong membership.

Now is a great time to become a PSA equal pay advocate and take action to support equal pay in your workplace. Here’s five things you can do:

Become an equal pay advocate

This is the first thing you should do, and it’s quick and easy! Sign up online at psa.org.nz/equalpay or on the phone at 0508 367 772 and we’ll send you regular updates with information from the world of equal pay, upcoming events, things you can do in your workplace and your community and more.

Put Worth 100% material up in your workplace

Download and print our Worth 100% campaign poster or ring 0508 367 772 and ask for some to be sent to you. Put them up on your workplace’s union noticeboard, in your staff room or anywhere else you can put up union materials.

Organise an equal pay morning tea

Brittany, a delegate at the Tertiary Education Commission, organised a crew of cake bakers to run an equal pay morning tea with speakers from TEC HR (about the gender pay gap at TEC) and the PSA’s equal pay organiser (about the Worth 100% campaign). Talk to your workmates and organise an event!

Raise equal pay claims when you go into collective bargaining

If you’re about to go into collective bargaining, talk to your delegates about raising a claim for equal pay. At the simplest level, you could try to get your organisation committed to analysing their own gender pay gap and sharing that information with staff. Next, you can look at ways to close the gap through things like appointment salaries and pay rise processes.

Write to your local MP (or meet with them) about equal pay

The PSA can provide you with copies of the Worth 100% campaign booklet, just ring 0508 367 772 to order some. Then, give it to your local MP and tell them why equal pay is important to you. To close the gender pay gap for PSA members, we’ll need the Government to commit to more funding for public and community services – tell your MP that you support this and want them to take action.

Let us know what you’re doing for equal pay!

Email our equal pay organiser at gabriel.brettkelly@psa.org.nz or call in and tell the PSA Organising Centre. We love hearing all of the fantastic stories about your action for equal pay.