Tāmaki housing shift will make things harder for most vulnerable

The Public Service Association (PSA) says the Government’s decision to transfer 2800 properties from Housing NZ to the Tāmaki Redevelopment Company (TRC) makes no sense when the roles of the two organisations are completely different.

Jeff Osborne, PSA assistant secretary, said “Housing NZ are the experts in social housing and are best placed to manage it for the benefit of Tāmaki residents,”

“The purpose of the TRC is to innovate, but now they will be bogged down with business-as-usual social housing work.

“The TRC doesn’t have the staff required to provide tenancy and property management services for 2800 homes housing 8000 tenants.

“Housing NZ staff, having just seen the back of a year-long restructuring, are now faced with another year of uncertainty and further redundancies.

“With under a year to prepare, the TRC will struggle to provide the support needed by 8000 social housing tenants’ right from day one.

“Residents and Housing NZ staff will bear the brunt of the Government’s ideological obsession with housing reform,” said Mr Osborne.