Terms of Reference revised

The PSA secretariat have signed off a revised terms of reference for the ethics network.

To promote a strong ethical culture throughout the public sector

To provide information and discussion forums for PSA members on ethics and integrity issues – a ‘watchdog’ role. To provide members’ perspectives from time to time on issues of public sector ethics, values and integrity and to inform PSA policy and responses to related public interest matters.

Issues relating to the code of conduct, political neutrality, ethics and integrity, state sector values and state servant conduct. The PSA has an interest in the content of state sector policy and guidance on these issues, and also their application in state sector agencies. This may include identifying ethical dilemmas and ways of dealing with them. The network will have different focuses for the public service, wider state sector, local government, health (DHB) sector, reflecting the different requirements, including legal considerations, for members. From time to time, we may also wish to focus on specific groups of members, such as Youth Network members, specific cross-agency occupational groups such as grants administrators, or members who work in ministerial offices.

PSA members may self-select to join the Network. The Secretariat will select a Coordinator to monitor member interest through email and social media channels. The Secretariat will advise on issues for the network.

The Secretariat will convene the network’s activities and will report to the executive board from time to time.

Communication will be by email and social media where appropriate, this may include:

  • ensuring members have the support and protection they need to take a stand against unethical behaviour
  • web forums
  • journal or website articles
  • discussion groups
  • developing submissions
  • providing advice on policy
  • training programmes.