The campaign is on – are you in?

#StandTogether is in election mode! We need all hands on deck to ensure better funded public and community services are front of mind for our friends, families and work mates before they head to the ballot box this September.

Picture of conversation cards

That’s where you come in! If you’d like to do your bit to make sure the next government will properly fund and resource public and community services you can:

Order a pack of conversation cards

We’ve created a set of cards to help you spark conversations in your workplaces or over the weekend, around the issues that matter most to PSA members. The conversation cards will help us raise of the importance of public services, collective good and compassion in a way that gets people thinking about what they value, and how they might vote according to those values this election. These are non-partisan discussions which you can hold anywhere.

Order your conversation cards here.

Like and share the Stand Together Facebook page

Facebook is still one of the best ways to ensure New Zealanders understand the value of Standing Together. By liking and sharing the page you’ll boost our page and amplify our message.

Like and share the page here

Nominate a Local Hero for doing an amazing job every day – or you can nominate yourself!

Our local heroes’ campaign is still going strong. If you know someone who hasn’t been recognised for their good work – let us know here.

Hold your local candidates to account

Candidate events are the best place to get one-on-one time with MPs or people running for office. There are political meet&greets happening all over the country and we want to see PSA members’ views heard at as many of them as possible!

We can help you with questions for aspiring MPs that will make it clear New Zealanders value and cherish our community and public services. Events are been listed on the Stand Together Facebook page. If you would like to represent the Stand Together Campaign at a meeting email us at and we will get a t-shirt sent out to you.

We’ve also got guidance for PSA members to help you stay safe in your campaigning activities – posters, stickers and a whole lot more. Contact us at and we’ll get you all kitted out.

If every PSA member manages to influence even one other person to vote for candidates that value our communities and the people who build them, we’ll have done a huge job. Stand Together in 2017!