Two significant reports on family violence is a workplace issue

Over the last few months, two major pieces of work have been published in relation to the PSA’s family violence is a workplace issue project.

Economist Suzanne Snively’s report, Productivity Gains from Workplace Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence, finds that domestic violence will cost New Zealand employers at least $368 million over the next year and that workplace protections can help reduce this cost and increase productivity.  This report was commissioned by the PSA.
Meg Raynor Thomas’s thesis for her Masters in Public Health at Auckland University, The Impacts of Domestic Violence on Workers and the Workplace, reports on a survey of PSA members’ experience.  55% of those who completed the survey reported some experience of domestic violence.  26% had direct experience of family violence and of those members, 53% needed to take time off work and 38% said that the violence made it difficult for them to get to work. 

Read the full reports below.