Unionising climate change: the world's biggest march for our planet happening this month

By PSAY Dunedin convenor, Daniel Francesc Benson-Guiu

PCM social flyerAs far is our planet is concerned, as far as the future of work is concerned, the most important international meeting this year begins in the end of this month, in Paris. COP21 will bring together the leaders of the world to discuss what concrete steps countries will take to reduce carbon emissions.

While some countries have a clear roadmap towards a zero emissions future, others are dragging their feet into their meetings pretending its not their problem. New Zealand is in the second category; even when we are a world leader on renewable energy and a third of our country is conservation land.

As union members, we are the largest and strongest movement in this country. Marches will be held across New Zealand on the 28th and 29th of November, and the People's Climate March website has all the details. As Helen Kelly pointed out in a blog this week, there can't be many more important campaigns than this one. A just transition will create jobs that will both benefit workers in this country and make strides towards a cleaner environment.

Unions across the world are involved in these conversations about a just transition. Your local PSAY group is also involved. If you are interested in joining a climate march pledge your support online, it only takes a minute. Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin all have banner and placard making sessions next week, please get along if you can to help!

These are going to be some of the largest marches the world has seen, where will you be?