We all care we all count- messages of support for Admin/Clerical in the DHB's

As the DHB Clerical and administration (admin) members head into there first ever national stop work meeting we will sharing messages of support to show that we all care we all count.

PSA Clerical/Admin members are covered by 4 regional MECAs.  The Northern region MECA expired in March 2018.  The DHBs have consistently deferred bargaining, stating they are unable to make a pay offer.  The Lower North Island is in a similar situation, while Midlands and the South Island are due to commence bargaining soon.

PSA Clerical/Admin members deserve pay increases along the same lines as their DHB colleagues!  Nursing, allied and technical, and ancillary workers have all settled MECAs, and clerical/admin staff stand alone in not being given a reasonable pay offer, or any offer at all!!

It is for this reason that they are holding there first ever stop work meeting on Monday 11 February.

We have already had messages of support flooding in already and will be sharing them here for our admin/clerical members to see so they know they are not alone.

Together we can make sure that all PSA members in the DHBs achieve reasonable pay settlements.  We all care, we all count.

 If you work with admin/clerical staff and wish to show your support visit our resources page to download your own copy of the postcard


Messages of support

Apart from being the first point of contact for clients and anybody else who cares to contact us. They are hugely significant and important part of the day to day running's for clinicians from all disciplines and levels. Without their presence I suspect that a lot of us would be stuck with a variety of tasks which we need assistance with to allow us to do or jobs effectivley and efficiently

They do a good job over and above what they need to do, clinical staff could not function without their input and support. The work they do and contribution they make has been undervalued for far to long. The DHB needs to take action and stop treating them unjustly. Pay them what they are worth.

Their support in my clinical work is indispensable - Psychiatrist

They are an integral part of the health service. The service would be in chaos without them  

Administration/clerical are integral arms of the health service, supporting clinicians to maximise face to face treatment time with service users. Without them direct treatment would be deferred.

The job they carry out on a daily basis in the organisiation is never less important than anyone else's. We all in good coordination endeavor to deliver "best care for everyone". The admin are just a different par of "one body" and play different roles accordingly.  No one part of the body is more important than the other. Kia Korero!

I strongly recommend administrative/clerical staff voices are heard. They highly deserve to be paid for the significant work they do. They play a big role in delivering the best case to the people we care for

They are just fantastic, always there to help out around the office with multiple tasks, Without admin staff our office could not function. They deserve a pay settlement like everyone else! 

Administrative and clerical staff are important to me, in my work place without them we can't run the show. I would say they are key members and back bone to our refugee health service with out them its impossible to complete our responsibilities. They make our work smooth running. Hats off to all the hard work they do

Our clerical staff are hard working and compassionate in the field of mental health. They also play a significant role in being the first point of contact for the public via phone or front desk. They also have to manage our payroll and other admin tasks for a significant number of staff

Administration staff really do make a difference to my clinical workload. I am a registered occupational therapist working in and ADHB intensive mental health team. My large workload would be significantly increased with out the support of administration/clerical staff thereby increase by stress levels. There fore I would like to express my disappointment in the delay in negotiations for pay increases for my colleagues

The administration staff at both Invercargill and Dunedin Hospital dermatology department do a wonderful job in typing my clinic letters. Their work is most professional. As far as I am concerned dermatology service would collapse without them

They deal with urgent typing of medical letters extremely promptly and professionally. They are efficient and courteous. They provide a crucial link between the Hospital and GP as well as between the Hospital and patient. Without medical typists the information would not get through

It is a very busy role and they do a wonderful job doing what ever they can to help us out and we really struggle if they are not in their workplace. They are staying long hours when we are very busy. Please consider about the cost of living now their pay and act now

Without them my workload would be harder and more stressful. I work with wonderful staff who go above and beyond to make sure the district nurses are informed and helped, even guided (especially from an ACC workload). They deserve to have fair pay and god pay for all the help and joy they bring to colleagues and patients

Pivotal to smooth running of this service. The role requires a high level of knowledge, skill (particularly communication) and understanding of a wide facet of processes, people and services, across the DHB. They deserve respect and most importantly should be recognised and appreciated for their huge contribution to health care. We want to retain good staff and the best way to do this is for them  to feel valued and remunerated as they should be

Without them the overtime would be quadruple at least. Taking pc's, arranging appointments and files. Friendly face at the desk. Always working hard. They don't get the credit they deserve. Pay them more

They are an essential part of the district nursing team. They play a pivotal role in co-ordination of visits to patients, in keeping district nurses safe on the roads and in touch with colleagues. The admin clerical staff provide essential services clinical staff to release clinical staff from all the admin. That is essential in providing clinical care

They are the "bones of the service" they keep things running smoothly and assist us with administrative tasks which enables us to get more clinical work done. They at often the face of the service, a first point of contact for some one turning up to reception. They help people feel more comfortable coming into our service. There are so many tasks that they do that go unseen- they definitely deserve to be acknowledged with fair pay

They helps us radiographers do our job. Without them we would have large waiting lists and no patients in our department. They also know things we don't know. They are the first face patients see!

Having clerical staff ensures that us medical radiation technologists can carry out our jobs. They make our job run smoothly and are a backbone to our work. Please understand their situation

The admin/clerical staff are a vital part of the day to day running of the radiology department. They answer queries, provide help both in person and on the phone and no job is to big to attend to. They have a huge work load and cope admirably with all their duties, we certainly need more of them

They have a vital role in booking our patients for elective and acute procedures, communicating important information between the patient and medical staff, enabling patients to be efficiently and effectively prepared for appointments

They demonstrate overwhelming strong work ethic in that I have so much support freeing up my time for patient contact. I often feel greeted with more of a smile and ADHB's welcome values from the admin team than many health professionals I come into contact with each day I find that quite inspiring

They are a crucial element of our teams- without the admin and clerical staff there are inefficiencies within our work processes. Admin and Clerical staff are the glue of our teams and they are the engines that keep us together and functioning. It is unjust that their pay rises are not already negotiated.

They are the first welcoming face for (often anxious and worried) family members of our inpatients. They help our high turn overs of admissions and discharges run smoothly. They always go above and beyond, and are imperative to a smoothly running service

The are out unsung heroes who are always delegate to with sometime the most menial tasks. They are always keen to help and make others lives run more smoothly. They are always there to offer advise and get us out of trouble with IT/telephone/printer/copier problems and we often forget to thank them as they are quietly brilliant.

They are a very vital part of our workplace. At times we don't have any clerical  staff and it puts a burden on us nurses. Our clerks our lifeline

They help with admissions (newly admitted) and help with discharges. They help co-ordinate/liaise with other members of health care team such as interpreters, or to book for CXR etc. They help organise paper work to be sent for district nurse referrals, they organise the ward and do multiple tasks that others just can't do


They are the few people who can organise the ward, without them it would be chaos!


They are the smiling face that greet out families and patients on the phone and in person.

They know where everything and everyone is! Without them the ward isn't able to run efficiently. We know this because when our ward clerk is away it so obvious they are important!



They help a lot in terms of clerical/admin info. It gives nurses time to attend patient needs and all of us easy access to resources


Together with the nurses, they are the frontline to relatives and family. They assist nurses and doctors and other hospital team members with the admin side of healthcare which is to be honest a big part. I hope they will be recognised for all the things they do

Our Admin person plays a vital role as the front line staff. She meets and greets, providing direction to general public. Is very supportive by providing administrative support to us. She looks after servicing equipment. Ordering stock and multiple other tasks

They have the intimate knowledge of everything on the ward, the computer systems, phone systems, bookings, whiteboard. We would not survive without them. They deal with questions from patients and their whanau, taking a load off other staff. They make our working day so much smoother


Admin/Clerical staff are integral in the patient journey. They do more than book patients, and organise clinics. They are the first point of contact for and with the patient. They have a wealth of communication skills


They are important for ensuring patients are booked into the right clinic on time, they organise complex rosters and ensure the hospital runs smoothly - from Medical Registrar

Without them nothing would run. No patients, no clinics, no organising - nothing

They are the heart of all of us

They provide a vital supportive role in mapping and booking patients, with skills including communication and computer. They work efficiently and often in shared offices while having to filter out noise and distractions.

Clinical staff and services as a while would not be able to function with out adequate, properly trained and happy clerical staff. Patient care suffers if administration staff are not effectively supported in their varied roles.

They are the backbone of my department (medical outpatients). They plan, manage and organise patient flow. They negotiate, network, liaise and advocate on behalf of patients, interdepartmentally and interface with Primary Health Care as well as other hospitals. They collaborate and provide collegial support for the wider MDT. Intrinsic to our organisational structure

Clerks make nursing staff work way more easier as they always assist with all admin work, folders, bookings interpreters, ambulances patient transfers, restocking supplies, updating travel documents and procedures at different departments on behalf of nurses

They provide essential organisation on the wards that help prevent medical errors and ensuring optimal patient care. From Orthopaedics

Without them us nurses would have to deal with patient phone calls and enquiries when we are already dealing with busy and overloaded work. They book our ambulances for patients, undertake admission and discharge paperwork for our patients. Ensure that patients emergency contact details are correct and available. This ensures our patients are cared for to the best of our abilities

A hospital can't function without them. It's not just about the Dr's and nurses on the front. It's all the people behind that keep the place running and the ones that organise the other people working with the clients. Poor pay=poor morale, high staff turnover and staff who are stressed and facing high workloads

They are experts in the administrative area and so much of a doctors/nurses work involves admin work! - From Ward Z4 Ortho Palmerston North Hospital

They work very hard and are a critical part of the team. The cost of living has gone up and doesn't reflect their wages


They provide an integral service to the hospital and patients ensuring effective, efficient admin support to our doctors and nurses at ADHB


They always support and help us in doing our work more efficiently. I could not do my job without their wonderful support. They are absolutely caring, professional and hard working in our health care sector- From Cultural Case Worker

Our clerical staff are the crucial part of our team. They keep the days running smoothly and often solve problems before we even know about them, saving us a lot of work. Without their hard work and diligence our jobs would be chaotic and disorganised. We certainly appreciate all they do on a daily basis

They are a very essential part of our work. We can't work with out their help and support. I wholeheartedly support their demands- From Doctor (Rheumatologist and Physician)

Quite simply the entire hospital would come to a stand still potentially putting patients lives at risk

A very important part of every work place. Front line have to deal with all sorts of enquiries, face to face, telephone calls, bookings, abuse. If it breaks down in this department then it filters right through. Our department is very taxing at time. Our Admin need to treat everyone with a smile even at the worst of times. They need to be commended for what they put up with

They provide administration support to the clinical team, their support is central to our functions and delivery of service. They play a crucial role in the effective delivery of the service and they are valuable members of our team


They are integral to the daily functioning of our team, they are the point of first contact for mentally unwell young people and manage these young people exceptionally well. They enable us to do the therapeutic work we do in a seamless way. They support and care for colleagues working in a very stressful environment. We totally support their pay rise

They are vital to the success of our service. They facilitate processes and procedures and are the link between our clients and other services and us. They are frequently the face of the organisation and help to set the tone

Without our admin/clerical staff a lot of our paper work, clinical letters and client appointments would not be actioned in a timely or professional manner. We rely heavily on our admin team

They are the foundation of our department who keep the "cogs turning" with the department

They support the doctors and the patients and are vital to our team

They keep the place running, they know how things work, where things are kept and many other useful things

Systems would fall apart without admin, they are crucial to keeping the wheels running smoothly

They are vital to the smooth running of our department. They go over and beyond in their support of the team, delivering gold start service as the first face of the hospital. Unquestionable of their values and contributions

They support the work that clinical staff do and keep our workplace running efficiently. The admin staff are a vital part of our whole team, and contribute greatly to supporting delivery of quality health care to those we work with. Please consider the admin staff as just as much a core part of health care as other team members  

They are the first people that our clients interact with and play an important roles in making them feel welcome at a  time which is often distressing. Our administrative staff are the hub of our team and keep out team going. With out them we would not be able to provide this health service for our community. Our administrative staff are talented, caring, special people who I strongly support to have their work recognised  for how important it is

They are the front face of the service, work incredibly hard and have overview of all the clinicians and clients administrations processes. A clinical team could not function with out their knowledge, expertise  and welcoming approach

They are the first face people see when clients walk through the door. They do all the essential paper work that we wouldn't have capacity to do with the clinical workload. They empower clinical staff to do their jobs. They are essential to the system working smoothly

We could not do out job without our wonderful admin staff. They are such a valuable asset to our team

Over the last 16 years I have observed the admin staff in the CTSU go beyond ordinary efforts to support a busy unit. As we have done as a group of surgeons, we fully support you to gain recognition for your tireless efforts

They provide indispensable roles to the smooth functioning of our unit. The importance of their day to day tasks of answering phones, scheduling appointments, sending emails/faxes, writing letter and reports, organizing and attending meetings as well as the myriad of other additional support they provide must not be undervalued.

They are often the first to go beyond the call of duty, which includes staying back after hours to help our doctors complete tasks as well as cross covering other roles when needed. Their tireless efforts and loyalty to our unit and hospital must be acknowledged.

They are the frontline of out relationship with our clients. They meet and set the atmosphere of welcome. In addition they are the oil that makes the engine work- without them we would grind to a halt. They do innumerable tasks that are vital to providing clinical care (filing, typing, faxing, taking messages, finding notes etc) without which we would have even less time to spend with clients

They are the backbone of the team. They are the glue that holds us together. We would collapse without them. They matter to us

They provide the administrative support I need to give me time to concentrate on my direct client work. Without admin team support I would be in the office a lot more doing admin tasks that I am not confident or quick at doing  

They are highly responsive in providing support with administrative enquires, processing and have a well established ethos of client, customer focus to ensure that services operate well and enhance service delivery. They are a great and valued service.  

The DHB just wouldn't survive without them. They keep our clerical work ticking over when they are not there the impact on staff and patient is huge.

They need to be paid more so we can retain the good effective skilled staff and not loose them to higher wages elsewhere (which is currently happening frequently). Every time we lose an administrator- chaos reigns and Dr's waiting lists and patient care are clearly effected.

They are the face of this organisation- we should respect that

They are essential to our teams work and they are supportive colleagues

They work very hard to ensure that we have access to important medical information and that it is regularly available. They help us with administration tasks so that the nurses and doctors can spend more time at the bedside

They are part of almost every process, very essential in the workings of our area

They are absolutely essential to running CAFS, especially is running smoothly. They are often front line when dealing with depressed patients and do a great job, they drive our teams efficiency with great personal skill and tact. They absolutely deserve a better deal

As a clinical person I couldn't do my job without the help/support from our Admin. They work under difficult conditions and do a wonderful job- which in turns makes our jobs bearable

They are a vital component to the running of the hospital. They look after all the different employers and their needs

With out their support our patients and whanau would miss out on care

They are essential to the smooth running of the unit (and hospital) They are a valuable source of knowledge and very helpful

They deserve better. The dedicated staff I work with are in a very demanding field with difficult tasks. Not for them the glamour of other professional role but the great efficiency and vigour of keeping services running. I warmly support the current campaign for them

You deserve to be rewarded for being an important part of a large team who without each one of you the system would collapse. Without your excellent work we could not do our job. We are hear to support your cause!

They support us in our clinical practice which helps improve outcomes for clients

Our Administrators need fare pay so we can retain them to do the wonderful job they do as an essential part of the health care public service.  

Our one and only admin person does the work of many. Her role has increased so much over the years and she works extremely hard going the extra mile every day! Without her this service would not cope/function. She makes things run smoothly and timely. She does so much for all of the team here and yet I am sure her pay doesn't near reflect her work or value

They always assist and support me, directing phone calls, car bookings and making our clients feel comfortable and respected whilst they are sitting in the waiting area. At times out Admin and Clerical staff are having to use their trouble shooting and deescalating skills to support clients who may become distressed. The office ladies keep community health in our area running efficiently and effectively. They have my 100% support

Our office would not function with out them. They go above and beyond their duties often working hours that they are not paid for

They are the backbone of the service. We rely on admin staff to keep resources up to date, answer clients phone calls, reorganise appointments, send multiple letters to clients and keep it all running smoothly for the team. They 100% deserve to be valued and recognised for their contribution towards providing a better service to the clients. They embody DHB values- Everyone matters, connected, and better, best, brilliant

They are often the face that represents our team. As such our clients/patients are warmly welcomed and feel safe and secure particularly at time when they are highly anxious or unwell 

These hard working staff are the frontline and the first people the our clients meet. They need to be multi talented as they are continually interrupted by phones, clinicians and clients. They retain so much info and are the "go to people"

They manage the mental health act for our clients and this means they have deadlines  to meet and are dependant on clinicians to do their paperwork on time. The clerical staff are extremely valued staff members and deserve to be compensated appropriately  

They keep the team running smoothly. They are the front line with clients so not only do they provide the first impression that people have of our service but also deal with many issues before they are even seen by clinicians. They are responsible to both our own and our client needs and do it without complaint. Without the competent admin staff we could not function efficiently


They work very hard and put up with a lot from highly stressed clients and staff. The admin staff are the back bone of our service, and help keep everyone (staff and clients) ticking over. They keep us sane and wanting to still work here in trying conditions

Their work should be valued. They are one of the DHB members and should have equal pay

They are absolutely crucial to the effective work-flow of our service. They are the first point of contact for many of our families. Their professionalism is unequaled. We have one admin person and she is such a valuable service that 3 times she has been nominated for a CEO award. We are extremely grateful for everything she provides, she is our first port of call for all enquiries, contacts, networks etc

Admin is an integral part of our team, without them we would not function as efficiently as we do. They free the clinicians time up to do the client focused work we need to do. My administrator continuously goes above and beyond to support not only me but the large team of staff. They are the back bone of our team and the WDHB. Without them our own work load would be taken over by Admin tasks. They deserve to be paid fair and proper salary   

These staff are continuously going above and beyond to assist the MH &AOD teams often dealing with challenging situations and an integral part of our team. Their pay needs to reflect their dedication and skill

I just started my job here a few days ago and I would have been left feeling overwhelmed with no idea what to do if it wasn't for the admin person helping me. She sent me the necessary forms, helped me fill them out, showed me where everything was and helped me get my phone working when I was having problems setting it up.

They are the backbone of the team. They are the glue that holds us together. We would collapse without them. They matter to us!

The admin staff are just as important as the doctors

We really notice when they are not there, they help us out so much and keep the ward running.

They are always problem solving

They are the glue that hold all the activities at the department together. It is chaos and time consuming for the health professionals when they are absent. They manage a busy office- multitasking and prioritising politely with the public hour by hour minute by minute. They are hard working, they are on the end of a phone, answering questions when we are in the field, asking for phone numbers or patient enquiries. They are reliable, trustworthy, kind and work hard delivering excellent communication to the public.  They are the first point of contact. They are worth respect and consideration for a pay settlement. Thank you to our admin/clerical staff!  

They go above and beyond there role. Always professional and making sure that they are client focused by delivering care in a timely manner by relaying messages to district nurses and other allied health. Constantly in the spot light and for front of clients who are not happy with the current health system. Always on the go. At times they do not get a breaks they are entitled to and work well past their finish times. They deserve a pay rise the respect, value and courtesy. They are a valued member of the team

They are the support platform and out engine room. We should be strong from the foundation up. Administration and team support roles have gotten more complex and require more and more skills. Suitable candidates are not attracted to the roles because we are not paying them what they are worth

With out our administration staff multiple areas of our service would not function. They enable our staff to provide a better service for the people we see. They are often the first people that users see.

They are an integral part of our team, contributing to the smooth running of the ward. Their role is so much more than a face at reception, pre-op patients have notes in the right place, visitors are made welcome, nursing and medical staff receive vital administration support. This should be fairly reflected in a worthy settlement


They go above and beyond and fulfil more than their job description requires of them.

They do a great job, we would be lost without their input and they have been undervalued and underpaid for years.  The DHBs need to stop stalling nd making excuses and pay them what they deserve.

Admin and clerical staff are the backbone of every business.  They are the cooks on the marae, the roadies at an international concert.  Without them and their specified training, our work space would be much more challenging.

Honestly, without our admin staff the wheels do not turn smoothly – causing delays ultimately in service delivery to patients, many of whom are vulnerable adults/older adults.  Please treat our admin/clerical colleagues right.

Don’t delay.  These amazing people are the cogs in the wheel that make our roles run smoothly. 
Without their relentless hard work and skills the system would come to a halt virtually. They are the first friendly face our clients meet; very important. They go above and beyond to provide a system of care to the organisation, services and clients. They’re often overlooked in staff shortages yet work hard to fill the gaps. Everyone matters and they are a core part of delivering excellent health care services

They are our frontline.  We average between 75-100 calls a day.  If we had to manage this as well as increased workload/referrals there would be no time to see clients.

Without them we couldn’t do our jobs!! They are an awesome bunch and the hidden power behind the work of the DHB.  Please recognise them.


They are the glue who hold the service together.


They are essential to the running of this service.  They are often clients’ first point of contact with a mental health service.  Their ability to show kindness and compassion to others while juggling many tasks at once is second to none.  They are hugely important and matter more than this paragraph allows me to write.

They are the oil in the machine.  They know where everything is, where everything goes, who everyone is, how to fix the photocopier, how to find info on the computer system, how to provide hospitality, how to run a meeting, how to run a department, the list goes on….

Everything turns to custard when they’re not around.

The Gastro admin team  are the glue that makes this Department function.  From wait listing of referrals to booking all procedures to the processing before and after the procedures and coordinating with doctors and nurses.  They have a vital role in booking our patients for elective and acute procedures, communicating important information between the patient and medical staff enabling patients to be effectively prepared for appointments.

They are the back bone of clinical services. I could not run the service without the support from the admin/clerical staff. They organise patient appointments, arrange clinic rooms, providing material support etc (you name it). They deserve the same pay rise as everybody else does

 They enable us to do our jobs effectively and support us, they are awesome

They are the back bone to our service and without them our team would fall apart and not be able to provide the care and support needed for our clients

Many our our admin staff are the first point of contact for our patients and their families at what is often an stressful time with illness/trauma, They keep the background work of moving medical files, storage notes, making appointments and dealing with cancellations, typing of letters, moving things through the system seamless. They ensure that we have stationery, working photocopiers and fax machines amongst a myriad of other activities  

They support us in our clinical work everyday! We can't do our job if they aren't doing theirs. They are first line when it comes to communicating with patients

We are in the same boat, and we have to support out family as well. We work hard for it and we have achieved out goals at our work place. United we stand divided we fall. Action is louder than words. All the best team.  

We think admin staff are vital cog in the machine. They iron out all the day to day problems which allow the rest of us to get on with our jobs. Without admin and clerical things would grind to a halt pretty quickly and we'd realise how much they are needed. Give them 3+3+3 they deserve it every bit as much as the rest of us!

They support us to facilitate our patients to attend community appointments by arranging transport. They have a system in place where we know on a daily basis whom is for discharge/off ward. They assist/advise us with any admin questions we have. Finally they are often the first person our newly arrived patients/visitors/family/whanua come into contact with and always have a friendly smile to greet them

With out our admin or clerical staff this hospital would close. They are under paid, under valued and for many not on a living wage. They are the face of this dhb, they experience abuse from our patients as they often the messengers for clinical staff.

They deserve so much more