What are the priorities for the network in 2014?

We want to grow the network by making sure that we are accessible, relevant and up to the minute. The stronger the network the more we can achieve within the PSA and our workplaces.

We also want to tap into the great leadership potential that exists within our communities and make sure it has a chance to flourish. Particularly as it is election year we want to make sure that in deciding critical campaign issues the voices from our deaf and disabled communities are strong and clear. You as a member will help define this voice so we encourage you to get involved.

What can I expect if I am a member?

  • A chance to meet others from our deaf and disabled communities, network, have fun and organise
  • A regular monthly newsletter of current events and stories of fantastic people from our communities
  • A chance to attend any meetings or events organised by the network
  • Access to resources that you can use-this year we will be uploading resources for the network such as flyers, a brochure and posters.