What is a traumatic incident?

A traumatic incident is an event which is totally unexpected and overwhelming in intensity.

eap logoThe coping ability of those directly connected to the incident can be seriously disrupted, even if momentarily.

People not directly connected to the event can also be affected. For some, the increased stress may interfere with the normal day to day life and "getting back to normal" can take time and may be difficult.  People seemingly unaffected may experience reactions some time following the incident.
Past experiences and individual perceptions can also contribute to differing reactions.  Not everyone reacts with the same feeling or emotion at exactly the same time. As uncomfortable as these reactions may be, they are part of the process of returning to normal.  

Accepting them and expressing these assists in the recovery process.

What can an individual expect following a traumatic incident?
Reactions following trauma can be grouped in a number of different areas.Eap services

  • Shock and numbness
  • Disbelief and denial
  • Intrusive memories
  • Avoiding behaviours
  • Physical reaction

How can your EAP provider help?

Those affected by traumatic incidents can often benefit from professional assistance to help them understand the common reactions to this type of event and explore ways to lessen the impact it may have on their lives. Please contact your organisation’s EAP provider to get support.