What the election means for unionists

The final election results are out and National has been re-elected with an increased vote. This is likely to mean more cuts to public sector jobs, public services and the continuing erosion of workers’ rights.

Finance Minister Bill English is on record that he wants to reduce public spending over the next few years.  National is also now in a position to push though changes to the Employment Relations Act that will mean no legal right to tea breaks, possible restrictions on access of union officials to workplaces and the ability for employers to terminate bargaining.

But it needn’t be all doom and gloom.  The Get Out and Vote election campaign mobilised hundreds of thousands of people to vote early this year, helping the whole union movement engage with the election.  PSA Youth members played a big role in this campaign.

As a union, the PSA is still in a strong position with strong numbers in most of the workplaces we organise. With an active membership, we can fight to improve our working lives, and strive for a better society for all.

Auckland PSA Youth members are gathering on 23 October to share thoughts on the election and the union campaign, and to discuss next steps.  To RSVP for this event, or if you’d like to help organise an event in your area, email psay@psa.org.nz.