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A series of resources for MOJ members.

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Can't find what you're looking for? Email us at wheresthejustice@psa.org.nz, or contact your delegate. 


The Ministry's Offer

This will be released to members once the Terms of Settlement are signed this week (3-7th Dec).

The Ministry's former pay offer as at 17th October can be found here.

Health and Safety at MOJ

Roll-out of new ID cards

The union continues to oppose the roll-out of the ID card in its current form.  The union's advice remains to seek an exemption from wearing the card.  Stickers are available to cover the surname on the card if you are issued with one.  

We are now in the process of preparing a case to go to the Employment Authority.  Are you able to help?  We are looking for members who:

  • Have received the new card;
  • Put in for an exemption and have been refused, and
  • Have concerns about the actual or potential risk of having their surname displayed on the card.

Email using the link if you are able to help.

How to quickly enter an incident in Haumaru

Request an exemption


MOJ Performance Pay

Performance Pay at MOJ - It's had its day!

The PSA believes that pay is the compensation provided by an employer to a worker for their labour, time, knowledge and skills. We do not accept that pay is a ‘reward’, neither do we accept that pay should be used to incentivise workers either individually or in teams.

This is because:

  • It is often based on measuring subjective factors outside of the control of the worker
  • It can undermine effective performance management
  • It is one of the contributors to unequal pay outcomes for women and other disadvantaged groups

Getting rid of the MOJ's performance matrix is a key goal of bargaining in 2018. The presentation and supporting materials that were recently presented to the MOJ are below.


The PSA's Claim

The latest PSA pay claim as at 11 October is here.

Please note that the PSA is continuing to claim that the CSOs be moved to J3 and for a $1000 member only benefit per year.

A summary of the PSA's concerns about the Ministry's offer can be found here.

The PSA claims are based on the Bargaining Brief which can be found here.  

A response to the Ministry's claims about the Performance Matrix closing the gender pay gap can be found here.

The PSA Hardship Fund 

Want to know more about the PSA Hardship Fund?

A summary can be found here.

It is a fund set up to provide assistance to members who may experience hardship as a consequence of taking industrial action. The assistance is not intended to be full compensation for loss of wages. The Fund consists of donations from the wider membership and other union members, which we call for at the time any industrial action is due to take place.  

How do I apply?

It is all done on-line. Simply click on this link, fill out and submit the form, and the Hardship Committee will be quickly in touch.

How do I donate?

The details for making a donation to the fund are:

Bank branch : BNZ North End, Wellington
Account name : New Zealand Public Service Association
Account number : 02-0536-0016596-25
Put MOJ in the reference.

What is the process for members to access this Hardship Fund?

Members can apply using the link above.  Applications are then considered by a committee of the PSA President, Treasurer and the secretariat, in consultation with selected delegates from the Ministry. The MOJ Delegates are Ulualo Mareko and Rochelle Broxton.  We will try to process applications as soon as possible after receiving them. Under the policy payment can be by voucher or by deposit into a bank account. 

What are the criteria for accessing the fund?

  • The member must have lost ordinary time wages as a result of industrial action
  • The member must be experiencing hardship i.e. they are struggling to meet the basic necessities of life as a consequence of industrial action

Are members able to access this fund on the 1st Strike if it means Financial Hardship will be incurred if they participate in industrial action?

This is what we did in the MBIE and IR disputes and we would probably do so again.

Is there a maximum amount which members can apply for?

We will need to make this decision as part of the development of criteria to reflect the likely demand on the fund in any given industrial action.

What would the allocation be for Ministry of Justice?

There is no allocation as such. There is money in the Fund already and we will call for donations at the time any industrial action is announced. If necessary we may repeat the call for donations.

PDP Review

If you wish to review your PDP outcome please use these templates:

During the weeks of rolling industrial action, we had many messages of support come in for both MOJ members and the MOJ bargaining team.  Read the messages of support here.

Where's the Justice? Stickers

Wheres the justice sticker design

Your delegate will have these stickers. Please talk to them if you need one.

Landscape Poster

where is the justice landscape poster

Download and print this poster for display in your workplace. (PDF, 140KB)

Noticeboard header

MOJ noticeboard banner 1

Download and print this noticeboard header. Two size options included. (PDF, 23KB)

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