Flying the regional PSI Flag

The PSA was well represented at this year's Oceania Sub Regional Advisory Committee meeting of Public Services International (PSI) in Sydney on 21-22 May.

PSI smallRepresenting: PSA's Benedict Ferguson, Glenn Barclay, Marshall Tangaroa, Caro Fisher, Kelly Cotter, Lauren Hourigan and Erin Polaczuk.


The regional OSRAC meeting brings together public service union affiliates from New Zealand, Australia and throughout the Pacific - Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands.

In total PSI's wider Asia and Pacific region covers 122 unions in 22 countries and related territories with a membership of two million workers.

Executive board and Rūnanga representative Marshall Tangaroa delivered a presentation on Nga Kaupapa. He says the gathering allows a great appreciation of international unionism; noting too that issues being faced are “not hugely different” from country to country.

Vice-president Benedict Ferguson says something the PSA is leading the way on is its engagement with younger union members.

“We should be proud of what PSAY has achieved and we need to continue to promote how we are working with young PSA members to the world”.

Trade topics such as the CPTPPA were well covered at the meeting and one of the guest speakers was Jason Ward from the Tax Justice Network in Australia. Ward spoke about that network's successful efforts in pursuing corporate tax avoidance.

PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk and recent addition to the executive board, Caro Fisher, presented to OSRAC on the topic of whistleblowing.