Women's Network June update

The latest from the PSA Women's Network

Welcome to the PSA Women’s network email! We had our latest face-to-face at the beginning of June, and are excited to update you.

In this newsletter:

Biennial conference EOIs

We will be sending out EOIs for our Biennial conference next week, so please keep a close eye on your email! The conference is only open to Women's Network members, so if you want to attend but aren't a network member, please join online or by calling us on 0508 367 772. You will need to be a PSA member to join the network.

Hear from Women’s Network conference attendee and committee member, Maree Nilsen

Maree Nilsen attended the Women’s network conference for the first time in 2016. At that time, it was the most she had participated with the PSA. The experience has encouraged her to step up her participation, both within the union and within her professional life.

Maree NilsenIn 2016, I attended the PSA’s women’s network biennial conference. This fantastic conference gave me the opportunity to meet and listen to presentations by inspiring and talented women who participate in the union movement in New Zealand. Hearing from them inspired me to put my hand up to participate further.

I was honoured to be selected for the women’s network committee. I have met some wonderful women who have increased my knowledge and supported me to grow in confidence to participate in the union movement. In my role as committee member I have: made a submission to a select committee, met with and lobbied politicians, was in parliament to witness legislative change for equal pay, attended a women’s leadership course, became a delegate and I will be attending congress later this year! Things I didn’t think possible two years ago.

I continue to be impressed and inspired by the dedication of so many women who are working collectively to improve the working conditions of women in New Zealand and feel proud to be a part of that collective helping women to have pay and working conditions they deserve and that will not only benefit women but our community and country. 

I really encourage women who are members of the PSA to join the Women’s network and put forward an expression of interest to attend the upcoming women’s network conference. Our network is about hope and the expectation and desire for positive outcomes, come join us!

You can read our Working Life interview with Maree here.

Tessa Clement, on being a committee member

Tessa ClementHi, my name is Tessa Clement. I am a high level support worker and Delegate and part of the Community Public Sector. I have been part of the Women's Network Committee for two years now. I have had amazing opportunities to learn and develop through this journey so far.

Being part of the Committee has opened my mind to so much learning and passion for what we all do. I have been given incredible opportunities to do things like lobbying, being in parliament for the third reading of the Care and Support Workers Pay Equity Bill, which was incredibly overwhelming to participate in. I have had so many chances to help and listen to and encourage women to fulfil their full potential and become strong and empowered which is something I'm extremely passionate about and feel this is something that I am meant to do.

I have so much more I want to learn, but I am supported by being part of the Women's network and feeling the amazing energy from all the awesome women who I have met so far.

A word from Nancy McShane, PSA Women’s Network convenor

The Women’s Network Committee met again in Wellington on 7 and 8 June for our second face-to-face meeting of the year. The weather was wet and windy but our shared passion for advancing women’s issues kept things fired up!

Meeting with Jan Logie

The PSA Women's Network with Green MP Jan Logie

We had a visit from guest speaker, Jan Logie, who updated us on progress with her Domestic Violence - Victims’ Protection Bill, which passed its second reading on June 13. You can listen to Jan’s amazing speech here, where she talks about the vital work the PSA has done to champion this cause.

The committee visited the National Library to view the Treaty of Waitangi and Kate Sheppard’s Suffrage petition. Our mortification on discovering that The Treaty had been partially destroyed by rodents was balanced out by the obvious care, thought and respect that has gone into their current level of preservation. In particular, the visit renewed our commitment to achieving Equal Pay, and to fostering the active participation of women members at all levels of our union.

Women's Network conference theme

I am delighted to advise the theme for this year’s Women’s Network Conference is "Equality, Empowerment and Diversity". Planning for the conference is well underway and Expressions of Interest will be called for shortly.

If you haven’t been to one of these events in the past, I can only encourage you to put your name down - this year’s conference is going to be an exciting one! We have some amazing speakers, workshops and networking opportunities planned.

Kia Kaha to all members for championing women’s issues so passionately!

A woman’s focus is on the needs of ALL those around her. Therefore, to emancipate women is to emancipate everyone.

Me aro ki te Hā o Hine-ahu-one!

Pay heed to the dignity of women!

Nga mihi na,
Warmest Regards to all.

Nancy McShane

Convenor, Women’s Network Committee