Women's Network Leadership Survey results now available

In September, women who participated in the women’s leadership development programme “Targeting the Untapped Talent” and “Growing our Leadership Talent” were asked to participate in a survey.

The purpose of the survey was to determine whether the development programme was assisting participants in meeting their leadership goals within the PSA, as well as in their workplaces and communities.We had a 50 per cent response rate and a number of very positive indications that the programme is having a positive impact.

While 94 per cent of respondents were already active in the PSA as workplace delegates, just over one-third reported now being even more active in the PSA. Many respondents reported having more confidence in seeking out workplace training opportunities, promotions and job moves. The programme seems to have also benefitted participants beyond the workplace, with some respondents saying they are now involved in community leadership roles.

Respondents provided a number of suggestions for improving women’s participation within the PSA’s democratic structures. These suggestions range from creating more leadership opportunities within the organisation to enabling members to observe PSA meetings.

Thanks to all the women who participated in the survey. The information will be used to make our leadership development programme even better, with the goal being to have women’s representation in the PSA’s democratic structures consistent with the gender demographics of the membership they represent as agreed to at the 2014 PSA congress.


Read the full report here: PSA Women's Leadership survey 2015 (PDF, 4MB)