$100,000 waste of money by cash-strapped New Plymouth District Council


The Public Service Association (PSA) and the EPMU, who represent New Plymouth District Council staff, are appalled by the revelation of a six figure contract gifted to consultant Greg Timms to lead a restructure of Council staffing.

Dolly Larkins, PSA organiser, said “that the Council can find $100k for a contractor defies belief when it is complaining about financial troubles,”

“If the chief executive wants to save money, she should talk to her staff that deliver quality services, not look externally to expensive contractors.

“Morale is hurting and the Council only have themselves to blame,” said Dolly Larkins.

Jen Natoli, EPMU organiser, said “New Plymouth needs good quality stable local jobs, and the last thing Council should be doing is getting rid of staff.

“Restructuring often ends up costing more than it saves, once the impact on morale and institutional knowledge is factored in.

“Lowering staff numbers will inevitably lead to a reduction in the services New Plymouth residents use and value every day," said Jen Natoli.