A life sentence for vulnerable children?


The Public Service Association (PSA) says John Key’s suggestion that care for vulnerable children could be contracted out to private, for profit, corporations is dangerous and unacceptable.

Richard Wagstaff, PSA National Secretary, said “Child, Youth and Family (CYF) has been systemically underfunded and overworked for years, so to say the solution is privatisation is offensive,”

“Serco have shown that they can’t run a prison without putting staff and prisoners at risk, so why would we entrust them and other similar companies with our most vulnerable children?

“John Key should spend a day in a social workers shoes, and then he’ll see the immense passion and skill that they bring to their work.

“Proper funding for the services to keep our children safe is a must.

“Does John Key not think our kids are worth it? Contracting out to save money puts them at greater risk,” said Richard Wagstaff.