Absolute shambles as NZ Defence Force botches restructure announcement


Public Service Association (PSA) members in civilian roles are angry after 200 civilian and military Devonport Dockyard workers were called to a meeting by management for an announcement about who would be losing their jobs in a restructure, only to have NZDF management tell them that they couldn’t tell them what was happening.

Richard Wagstaff, PSA National Secretary, said “This is a completely cavalier treatment of people’s lives at a time when many are worried about being able to continue paying their mortgage,”


“NZDF made their final decisions, called staff in and then decided it couldn’t even do them the decency of telling them if they still had jobs.


“We expect about 54 civilian positions will be lost, hurting the local community.


“NZDF needs to apologise to their staff for this absolute shambles of a process.


“It is no surprise that Defence Force morale is so low when staff are being treated like this.


“Staff whose jobs were already hanging by a thread have now been left hanging for even longer, and this is completely unacceptable.


“Minister Brownlee needs to step up and publicly account for this poor performance from his department,” said Richard Wagstaff.