Accountability is a core principle of public service

The Public Service Association regrets that problems with the 2018 census have led to the resignation of Stats NZ Chief Executive Liz MacPherson.

"This will not have been an easy decision to make, and we wish her the best with whatever comes next," says PSA National Secretary Glenn Barclay.

"Accountability is a core principle of our public services and Ms MacPherson has demonstrated leadership in accepting this responsibility on behalf of the Department".

The PSA has engaged with Ms MacPherson in an effort to improve relations between staff and management in Stats NZ.

"Through expert analysis of accurate data, our members at Statistics New Zealand play a vitally important role informing this country’s democracy," says Mr Barclay.

"We need strong and positive employment relationships within the Department to enable it to fulfill its purpose, and we look forward to working with her successor to build on the work already underway."