AgResearch final decision confirms job cuts, science to suffer


The Public Service Association (PSA) says AgResearch has failed their workforce and the New Zealand science community with their final decision to cut nearly 80 jobs. A small number of roles initially proposed to be cut have been saved during the consultation process.

The PSA has nearly 350 members working at AgResearch sites across the country.

Jeff Osborne, PSA assistant secretary, said “AgResearch have made the wrong decision here, and the price will be paid by scientists, technicians and their families,”

“AgResearch should be driving innovation for the New Zealand economy, but instead they face shrinking capacity and budgets.

“The blame does not solely lie with AgResearch management – Government ministers have failed research and innovation with systemic underfunding.

“Previous changes by AgResearch management have left the organisation will little room to move when the financial crunch hit.

“Now, nearly 80 skilled scientists and technicians will be forced to find work, and many will end up overseas, at New Zealand’s loss.

“Many jobs that are set to go are in provincial areas, which will be a big hit to places like Palmerston North.

“Morale at AgResearch is already low, and these cuts will only make things worse for those that remain.

“This is a sad day for the New Zealand scientific community,” said Jeff Osborne.