Another win for Kiwi women: equal pay legislation to go before parliament


A bill which will help New Zealand women secure equal pay will go before parliament - and the PSA calls on all parties to support it.

Jan Logie’s Equal Pay Amendment Bill was drawn from the members’ ballot today.

It will require every employer to deliver the information they collect on employees to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment - and enable every employee to ask for it.

"We think this Bill is a crucial piece of legislation which all parties should support," PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk says.

"Employers already collect statistical information about pay rates, under section 130 of the Employment Relations Act.

"This bill would impose virtually no additional cost on employers, but will make it much easier for employees to raise a claim for equal pay if they believe they’re subject to discrimination."

Ms Polaczuk says the National government has already made big strides towards equal pay, by agreeing to implement the recommendations of the Joint Working Group.

"This information is an important complement to the Joint Working Group’s proposals," she says.

"The Minister for Women, Paula Bennett, has made it clear she considers equal pay a priority for her government.

"We hope she will double down on her promises, and recommend her caucus votes for this bill."