Auckland University staff take an hour for fair pay

People working at the University of Auckland will take an hour off tomorrow as they campaign to get a fair pay offer.

The short strike, which will take place between 12pm and 1pm on Thursday 22 September, follows three months of unproductive negotiations with the university.

TEU organiser Enzo Giordani says union members at the university want three simple things.

"We want an end to a performance pay system that prevents almost everybody from getting a pay rise.

"We want to lift the pay for those who are paid the least so they can better meet the daily costs of caring for their families in Auckland.

"Most importantly we want the right to negotiate our pay."

"Auckland University’s proud of its reputation as a leading school of business management, so it should practice what it preaches and play fair by its own staff," PSA Organiser Verna Woods says.

All other universities negotiate how much they pay the people who work for them.

Auckland alone refuses to negotiate what it pays its people until after it has set its budget for the following year.

Giordani says that is neither fair nor equitable.