Budget 2015 shows no plans for public sector wages

The Public Service Association (PSA) says this budget does not address the wage rises needed across the public sector.

Erin Polaczuk, PSA national secretary, said “Wages have been held down in the public sector since 2009, with members told to tighten their belts for seven years and counting,”

“After 7 years of undervaluing and underinvesting in services that operate for the public good of all New Zealanders, Budget 2015 takes us even further from where we should be.

“This budget is for future tax cuts at the expense of continued underfunding of core public services.

“Vulnerable New Zealanders shouldn’t be made to bear the brunt of the Government’s cost-cutting.

“While there is some new money for a few departments, it is to offset the impact of previous policy – for example the increase in labour inspectors to strengthen employment law enforcement,” said Erin Polaczuk.