Changes to the 1972 Equal Pay Act will make it easier for women to achieve equal pay

The PSA supports the Government’s announcement of amendments to the 1972 Equal Pay Act.

"Today’s announced amendments to the 1972 Equal Pay Act, is welcome " Says Glenn Barclay, PSA national secretary

"We have been applying the Equal Pay Principles developed by the Joint Working Group to our current Equal Pay claims, and we look forward to the greater certainty that legislation will provide.

"It is great to have the Equal Pay Principles included in amendments to the Equal Pay Act, helping modernise this 46 year old Act for the current way we work in Aotearoa, while keeping the core provisions of the 1972 Act.

"Last year we campaigned for an amendment to the Act, rather than the repeal and replacement with an inferior Bill proposed by National, and we have been listened to by the current Government.

"The 125th anniversary of suffrage day celebrates the hard working wāhine of Aotearoa, and the many victories women have made over the last 125 years, and this is a fitting announcement to make today.

"Addressing unequal pay in Aotearoa is a complex and multi-threaded problem, but having fit-for-purpose legislation will go a long way to ensuring everyone is paid what they are worth," Glenn Barclay says.