Christchurch City Council shouldn’t rush to decision on asset sales


The Public Service Association (PSA) says Christchurch City councillors should back away from a decision to sell assets in order to further explore other options and to consult with the Canterbury public.

The PSA represents over 900 staff at Christchurch City Council (CCC) following a merger with the Southern Local Government Officers Union on April 1, and 5800 workers across the Canterbury region.

Richard Wagstaff, PSA national secretary, said “The Commonsense Plan shows that there are options, and that further investigation and discussion is needed before rushing to sell assets,”

“The Council’s assets currently work to improve residents’ lives, reduce rates and to provide much needed services to the region.

“Selling off council owned assets would provide financial gain for a few while hurting the majority.

“Selling assets would have impacts for decades to come, which demands a decision not be rushed or taken lightly.

“PSA members in local government work hard to ensure local democracy can thrive.

“Further investigation and discussion on options for CCCs financial future must occur,” said Mr Wagstaff.