Come on Tauranga Council - pay your staff a Living Wage


Tauranga City councillors should do the decent thing and agree to pay all their staff the Living Wage, the PSA says.

The Council must vote to ratify a decision to pay all directly-employed staff at least $20.55 an hour, and is due to consider the issue shortly.

It is estimated the move will cost around $28,000 and affect 31 Council staff, most of whom are casual employees.

PSA National Secretary Glenn Barclay is urging the council to ratify, and then move to the next stage - paying the Living Wage to all contractors and employees of council-controlled organisations.

"We know the cost of extending the Living Wage to CCOs and contractors will be greater, but put simply, it’s the right thing to do," Mr Barclay says.

"If it isn’t, staff working in agencies like Bay Venues, Tourism Bay of Plenty and Tauranga Art Gallery will be disadvantaged - and that isn’t fair.

"Tauranga Council has a real opportunity to show leadership here, and join big cities like Wellington and Auckland in becoming Living Wage employers.

"It’ll also encourage other employers in the region to do right by their staff.

"All Kiwi workers deserve to earn enough to feed their families, save for their retirement and pay their bills without worrying if there’s enough money in their account.

"We urge councillors to do the right thing and vote for a Living Wage - then take the next step towards becoming an accredited Living Wage council."