Concern over proposed IT job cuts at Dunedin City Council


The Public Service Association (PSA) says Dunedin City Council (DCC) should think carefully before proceeding with a proposal to cut in-house IT jobs at the council and outsource them.

Jon Henning, PSA organiser for Dunedin City Council, said “Contracting out rarely achieves the promised results, instead often leading to increased costs and a reduced level of service,”

“The proposal itself is poorly put together and will take some effort to go through properly.

“The PSA will be making a submission on behalf of our members at the Council and we expect our views will be given serious consideration.

“Restructurings are stressful for all involved, so they should only take place where necessary and after significant consultation with those impacted.

“Local government workers have a passion for providing good services to local residents, and this would be missing if the jobs were outsourced.

“We’re working hard on behalf of DCC staff to ensure a fair outcome here,” said Mr Henning.