DOC structure change set to help improve conservation work


The Public Service Association (PSA) is welcoming the announcement today that DOC will roll out nationwide a structural change that has already been piloted in two regions.

The change will join together the bulk of the separate partnerships and conservation services workgroups under one management structure.

Basil Prestidge, PSA assistant secretary, said “DOC staff are passionate about their jobs protecting our natural heritage for future generations to enjoy,”

“Moving most partnerships staff to conservation services will result in a less disconnected, siloed working environment.

“DOC have invited the PSA to engage with how these changes will be rolled out, to ensure PSA members are able to have their say.

“We are pleased to be involved in this change process, and DOC is setting an example to others of the importance of working alongside unions.

“Our members will be meeting in early July to learn more and discuss the changes, and this feedback will inform our conversations and planning with DOC management.

“This change will result in a better functioning DOC, which is a win for all New Zealanders,” said Basil Prestidge.