Equal pay hero Margaret Long remembered in speech by Labour leader


The Public Service Association (PSA) says it is fitting that the inaugural Margaret Long Memorial Lecture, given by Labour leader Andrew Little, is on the subject of equal pay.

Margaret Long (nee Brand), known as ‘firebrand’, was a PSA member who championed real action for women workers for many years.

Erin Polaczuk, PSA national secretary, said “Margaret’s hard work alongside others led to the creation of the Government Service Equal Pay Act 1960,”

“Margaret was a lifelong believer in the importance of equal pay, and would no doubt support the choice of that topic for the first memorial speech in her name.

“Despite the hard work of Margaret and others, progress on equal pay has stalled, with a 14% gap remaining for public service women.

“To make Margaret’s dream a reality, politicians will need to commit funding to close the gap and to create a mechanism to ensure it does not reappear.

“Tonight’s speech by Andrew Little is a good start and we look forward to it being followed by the announcement of policy that will make a real difference to New Zealand women workers,” said Erin Polaczuk.



A PSA obituary for Margaret, along with photos of her, is available at http://www.psa.org.nz/media/news/rip-margaret-long/.