Fair Pay Agreements good for workers and good for employers

Fair Pay Agreements are a big step towards an educated, engaged and enthusiastic workforce, and the Government’s announcement today should be applauded, the PSA says.

A team of ten experts, led by former Prime Minister Jim Bolger, will make recommendations on the design of a Fair Pay Agreement system, to report back by the end of the year.

PSA National Secretaries Glenn Barclay and Erin Polaczuk say last year’s $2 billion care and support settlement was, in many ways, a Fair Pay Agreement – and it has enjoyed huge public support.

“The care and support equal pay settlement was part of a package for these workers, whose important mahi in supporting vulnerable people had been undervalued for decades.

“It was part of a tranche of improvements which included guaranteed hours and recognition of training – in other words, a Fair Pay Agreement.”

Ms Polaczuk and Mr Barclay say the National government’s settlement was a forerunner for today’s announcement, and shows Fair Pay Agreements are good for industry and workers alike.

“The change we’ve seen in our members is remarkable.

“While they love the work they do and the people they support, they had been demoralised and staff turnover was high – now they’re properly valued and re-energised by the recognition.

“They can concentrate on their jobs, without having to worry whether there’s enough in the bank to pay the rent, pay for their children’s school shoes or fix their car.

“Meanwhile, their employers can now plan strategically and make decisions knowing their staff are engaged and productive.

“Fair Pay Agreements can do this for thousands of other low-paid workers in New Zealand.”