PSA celebrates Labour Day with Future of Work book launch

The Public Service Association is celebrating Labour Day with the launch of Progressive Thinking: Ten perspectives on the future of work, the third book in its Progressive Thinking series.

"Labour Day is a celebration of New Zealand workers standing up for their rights, and our members have made it clear that there remains a lot of room for improvement in workplaces," says Glenn Barclay, PSA national secretary.

"We at the PSA think the time is right for a national conversation about the future of work.

"We all have a stake in the future of work - for ourselves, our families and those who come after us.

"We can either leave it to others to decide this for us, or we can step up and change the way we do things. We favour the latter. This is a challenge that the PSA accepts and encourages everyone to be part of.

"People want to work in workplaces that are fair and secure, healthy and safe, personalised, trustworthy, and effective. All workers need and deserve fair working conditions and a secure future; they need to be supported and valued as individuals.

"These are not unreasonable expectations, and this is a future we can - and should - all be working towards."

A launch event for the Progressive Thinking: Ten perspectives on the future of work book will be held on Tuesday 23 October, 12:30-1:30pm, at PSA House in Wellington. The event will feature a selection of the book’s contributors in discussion with MC Max Rashbrooke, author, academic, and journalist.

The PSA - which has expanded its membership this year to more than 67,000 - is also drawing attention this Labour Day to the advances made on such substantial issues as pay equity/equal pay as evidenced in settlements such as pay equity for mental health and addiction workers as well as the announcement all workers in the core public service have the right to be paid at least the living wage.


Previous books in the Progressive Thinking series have focused on tax and housing. The latest book is available to read online here.


CONTENTS: Foreword by Glenn Barclay & Erin Polaczuk, PSA national secretaries

1. Collective voice in a freelance world by Andrew Pakes

2. Ngā kaupapa and the future of work by Paula Davis and Te IwiNgaro Dunn with Kirsten Windelov

3. Employee voice by Laura Harvey

4. Work - the future - are we prepared by Margaret Wilson

5. Low wages and our weak industrial relations law by Bill Rosenberg

6. Fair pay agreements: are we ready for them? by Laila Harre

7. Work in a world of climate change by Sam Huggard

8. Normalising flexible work by Dr Noelle Donnelly

9. NZ Businesses role in addressing human rights issues by Dr Jackie Blue

10. An employers’ guide to manage the revolution by Lisa Heap

+ A graphic representation of life on poverty wages by Toby Morris


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