Health and safety paramount as Worksafe launch prosecution over Ashburton killings


The Public Service Association (PSA) says Worksafe’s announcement that they have filed a charge against the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) following the tragic shootings at Ashburton Work and Income shows the importance that must be placed on health and safety in the workplace.

Richard Wagstaff, PSA national secretary, said “We shouldn’t prejudge any outcome from this prosecution,"

“Worksafe have the statutory right to make independent decisions regarding prosecution and they won’t have made this lightly.

“All relevant information and necessary resources should now be made available so that this matter can be resolved.

“It is crucial that the state sector learns every lesson possible to ensure that tragic events like the Ashburton shootings do not happen again.

“The PSA has worked alongside MSD through their own investigation and we will continue to assist them to make improvements in health and safety for all staff.

“An increased focus on health and safety across the wider state sector is the most important change that must come from this tragedy.

“Everybody has the right to go to work knowing they’ll be home safe at the end of the day,” said Richard Wagstaff.