Invoice for $294,827,136 presented to Treasury by women public servants


Women members of the Public Service Association (PSA) took an invoice for $294,827,136 to The Treasury this afternoon, representing the 14.1% gender pay gap in the public service.

2015 May 11 Working for free day web resErin Polaczuk, PSA national secretary, said “Working for Free Day, May 11, marks the day that women public servants begin working for free due to the gender pay gap with their male colleagues,”

“This huge gap in pay is no accident, and can be fixed through targeted action from the Government and their departments and ministries.

“The impact on women of low pay affects them beyond their working life, with ANZ reporting that women’s Kiwisaver accounts are 28% lower than men’s.

“Budget 2015 is an opportunity for Bill English to set the tone and make it clear that the gender pay gap is not ok.

“There’s no excuse for inaction on equal pay,” said Erin Polaczuk.