Latest SSC report confirms Govt clinging to surplus by taking from public servants


The Public Service Association (PSA) says the 2015 Human Resource Capability Survey (HRC), released today by the State Services Commission, shows that the Government is continuing to take money from public servants in a desperate attempt to cling to their goal of surplus.

“The HRC shows that public servants only saw their pay increase by an average of 0.9% in the last year,” said Glenn Barclay, PSA national secretary.

“These pathetic pay rises are the result of a Government so concerned with surplus that it is willing to force people to accept virtually static pay.

“In the last five and a half years, private sector workers have seen their pay grow 40% faster than those in the public service.

“Is it any wonder that while retention is increasing, still only a quarter of new graduates remain in the public service after five years?

“Women in the public service are particularly poorly served, still being paid on average 14% less than their poorly paid male colleagues.

“The SSC should be commended for producing this report, but the Government must be held responsible for the poor message its content sends,” said Glenn Barclay.




Human Resource Capability in the New Zealand State Services - 2015