Law repeal a win for carers of disabled family members


The PSA supports the government’s repeal of a controversial disability section in the Public Health and Disability Act.

“This is a discriminatory law and it will be really positive to see this discrimination eliminated,” says Kerry Davies, PSA assistant national secretary.

“The Funded Family Care policy was introduced by the previous government as a way to avoid their human rights obligations and it has been grossly unfair for people in need of proper support and assistance.”

“We agree the policy hasn’t been working for families or disabled people, and we have been advocating for the action announced this week,” says Kerry Davies.

“This repeal will also restore people’s right to complain about human rights breaches relating to care of family members with disabilities.

“Now that a period of targeted consultation has been announced – to cover issues like pay rates for carers and their employment relationship – the PSA will be actively engaging in that consultation with and for PSA members.”