Mental health workers stretched as Police raise concern about increasing callouts


Mental health workers are unsurprised that Police are dealing with more mental health related callouts as they are finding themselves increasingly stretched to properly support those with mental health needs.

The PSA represents over 2200 mental health workers across the country in roles including nursing, social work, occupational therapy, community support workers and clerical.

“Those of us on the front line providing mental health services across the country are struggling,” said Andy Colwell, a DHB mental health worker and the convenor of the PSA Mental Health Committee.

“Inadequate resourcing makes it harder and harder to provide the level of care that we desperately want to provide.

“Lower staffing levels result in increasing assaults on mental health workers, and a poorer standard of care.

“Delays in urgently needed appointments are also rife, another sign of chronic underfunding.

“When mental health services are in crisis, everyone suffers, from patients and their families to the police and the general public,” said Andy Colwell.




Police attend 100 mental health calls a day