Industrial action escalates at Auckland District Court and Manukau District Court

Ongoing industrial action by PSA members at the Ministry of Justice has escalated again with Court Registry Officers at Auckland District Court and Manukau District Court now undertaking a ban on serving, checking and signing sentencing documents.

With the support of members this action has commenced from 12 noon today and will continue until 4pm Friday 7 December.

The impact in a courtroom is that fundamental paperwork for case files entering the Courts will be stalled to the point of causing postponements and major delays.

This follows a series of nationwide bans on fundamental transcription work by Court Reporters that came into effect yesterday, including bans on tasks that are core to standard operations including correcting errors.

With no date in place for a return to the bargaining table, work-to-rule measures are being added to almost daily with additional work stoppage bans.

Glenn Barclay, PSA national secretary: "The PSA position is that the door on resuming bargaining towards reaching a settlement with the Ministry of Justice is wide open.

"What we have now though is a situation where we first need a meaningful, tangible, concrete sign of a movement in the position of the Ministry since we last met.

"We haven’t received any assurance along those lines yet, but we are hopeful that our members are being listened to and that the Ministry will come back to the table with a better offer".

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