PSA members at Ministry of Justice poised to take further industrial action

PSA members around New Zealand who work at the Ministry of Justice have voted to commence further industrial action from 4pm today.

This will see a continuation of work to rule actions that were taken between 19 September and 19 October. The timeframe for these actions - consisting of bans on working outside normal hours of work and taking common daily breaks of 1 hour 35 minutes each day - will run through to Friday 9 November.

The PSA has not ruled out applying added pressure in the period before commencing mediation with Ministry of Justice officials (currently set down for Monday 29 October).

This could see a further escalation of action if the scenario of a stalemate around the bargaining table is deemed likely to continue.

PSA national delegates are meeting this afternoon to consider options vis-à-vis any new developments in the bargaining position of the Ministry.