Momentum for equal pay keeps building

The momentum for equal pay has gained another boost with signatures to a petition in support of DHB administration workers’ equal pay claim with DHBs passing the 10,000 mark on the cusp of International Women’s Day.

PSA equal pay organiser Jo Taylor: “When International Women’s Day is celebrated this week (on Friday 8 March) one of the issues we should all be acutely aware of is that the notion of ‘women’s work’ is still a block to gender equality and equal pay.

“The success of the ‘At The Heart of the Hospital’ petition in topping 10,000 signatures at should send another strong message to DHBs of the strength of support there is in the wider community for underpaid administration workers.

“The PSA’s Worth 100% campaign is 100% behind these workers and the well-researched equal pay claim that was raised on their behalf last year. The work done by thousands of DHB administration and clerical staff across New Zealand is vital to keeping the health system running and yet they are among the poorest-paid workers, and around 90 per cent of them are women”.

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