Murray apology latest sign of much-needed change at Waikato DHB


The apology from acting Waikato DHB chair about the actions of former CEO Nigel Murray is a sign of a long-overdue culture change, the PSA says.

Sally Webb has apologised for Dr Murray’s massive unauthorised overspending, which she said had brought Waikato DHB into disrespute.

Dr Murray spent $120,608 of public money without authorisation, and has repaid only part of that sum.

PSA organiser Daryl Gatenby says Ms Webb’s apology marks the end of a very difficult time at Waikato DHB.

"Under Nigel Murray, the atmosphere at Waikato DHB was anti-worker, anti-union and - we believe - did a lot of damage to the DHB’s reputation," Mr Gatenby says.

"Since his ignominious departure, we have seen encouraging signs of change, and this apology is further proof.

"We look forward to a genuine attempt to change the culture at Waikato DHB.

"Our members, the health system and the people of Waikato deserve that."

Mr Gatenby says PSA members are pleased about plans to appoint a new executive director of human resources with a particular responsibility for changing the workplace culture.

"We hope the board and the management team will allow the new appointee the space and resources to make genuine changes."