New Act brings Public Service into 21st Century

The PSA welcomes the Government’s commitment to improving the way public services work through a new Public Service Act.

The current system is based on long outdated 1980s management theory, with state service agencies run like businesses with a focus on the bottom line and their Minister. 

Under the new act, public services will focus more on the public interest and outcomes like wellbeing.

“The change of focus will please PSA members who want to make a real difference as they work to deliver public and community services to New Zealanders,” says PSA national secretary Glenn Barclay. “It will also give us the opportunity to work towards common terms and conditions to support joined up public services and a career Public Service.”

The PSA also strongly supports the act’s affirmation that public servants have the same rights as all other citizens. 

“Too often employers have impinged on public servants right of political participation in their own time.  Public servants have the same political rights as other citizens and they want to use them. “

The PSA would have liked the legislation to have addressed some of the developments that have occurred in the delivery of public services since the 1980, such as the huge growth in private, community and iwi delivery of public services.

“These reforms catch us up to the 21st century, which is welcome and we will continue to work with the Government and officials to improve the reforms so that they enable public services to respond better to not only politicians, but to people and communities.”