New housing ministry "robust and innovative approach to crisis"


The new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is a sign the Government is taking a robust and innovative approach to the housing crisis, the PSA says.


Housing Minister Phil Twyford has announced the new ministry will be established on 1 August and will officially begin operating from 1 October.

"The new ministry will be able to take an over-arching view of the state of New Zealand’s housing - which the PSA thinks is desperately needed," PSA National Secretary Glenn Barclay says.

"For some time now, PSA members have identified housing among their biggest concerns.

"This is particularly true in Auckland, where our research showed nearly two-thirds of PSA members had considered leaving the city because they could no longer afford to live there.

"It’s got so bad that just building houses isn’t enough - there needs to be wide-ranging change, and this ministry is well-placed to deliver that."

However Mr Barclay says moving to the new ministry will be a demanding process for existing staff at MBIE, MSD and Treasury.

"The PSA will advocate for a smooth transition process, particularly around maintaining existing terms and conditions of employment.

"We welcome the Minister’s assurances that the front line will not be touched.

"It’s worth noting that when MBIE formed in 2012, many staff remained ‘siloed’ within their former ministries for years afterwards.

"We would not want to see that happen again.

"Changes such as this reinforce the need for reform of the State Sector Act, and a set of common terms and conditions for public service employees."